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International Driving School Hakaniemi Basic phase, Practise phase and Advanced phase course for B license

Do you want to get your first ( B ) Driving Licence in Finland, for driving a normal passenger car and van?

All our teaching, rehearsals, office service and tests are in English and are according to the Traffic Laws and Regulations in Finland. We have had students from 110 countries around the world.

Welcome to Hakaniemi Driving School 

Our driving school is one of the first driving schools in Helsinki to teach driving in English. Approximately 50 % of our customers are non-Finnish-speakers.

Our school has three driving instructors: Seppo, Osmo and Paavo. Occasionally, we also have extra instructors when needed.

Our office is open on Mondays 12 - 5 PM and from Tuesday to Thursday from 1 PM - 4:30 PM. The most convenient way to contact us is by email and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Driving School in three phases

Finland has a three-phased driving school system: Basic Phase, Practising Phase and Advanced Phase.

1. The Basic Phase is training at the driving school. This includes theory classes, practical driving classes and the driving test. Usually, the basic phase takes around 3-6 months and after passing the practical driving test you will get your temporary driving permit, which is valid for 2 years.

2. The Practising Phase is considered to be a time when you practice on your own, but you also come back to driving school for an evaluation and feedback. The Feedback period includes one theory class and two driving appointments. This is when we have a chance to talk about how your driving skills are developing and answer any questions you may have. The best time to complete the feedback period is 1-3 months after you have passed your driving test. (Price 220€)

3. The Advanced Phase is when you have had your licence for around one year. The Advanced Phase includes a two-hour driving lesson focusing on ”safe and economical driving”. After that, the next step is the slippery track practice with your own car. This includes practical exercises on the slippery track and indoor safety demonstrations. This takes about 5 hours to complete. (Price 360€)

You will get your permanent driving permit only after you have completed all the three phases of the driving school.

Next Basic Phase B-course

Next course starts at the driving school Mon 28.5.2018 at 5 PM


Next Advanced Phase course

  • Thu 24.5  at 9:30 - 14 Porvoo slippery track 4 places
  • Fri 8.6  at 10:30 - 15 Porvoo slippery track 6 places
  • Wed 20.6 at 9:30 - 14 Porvoo slippery track 6 places

Ask more and make a reservation, call Paavo 09-730 700.

Course structure

B-course, Basic Phase (normal car licence)

The course includes 19 theory lessons in the classroom, 17 practical driving lessons in a car and dark driving exercises. Driving lessons also include the slippery track exercises and using the car in the practical driving test on the first attempt.

The course price is totally 1920 € (Reference price to other driving schools is 1720 €). Total price includes value added tax 24%, the dark driving exercises and slippery track payment. Payments are divided into 5 instalments. The first instalment must be paid at least one week after starting the course. The following payments must be paid before the due dates on your invoices. All payments must be paid before you take the practical driving test.

To get a drivers licence in Finland we make an application to the TRAFI on your behalf. You must have a permanent adress and a social security number. For the permit papers, we need to include two passport photographs, a medical certificate for B-licence and a permit fee of 40 € paid to Trafi / Ajovarma bank account NORDEA FI25 1660 3001 0929 83 with reference number 1110818.
You can get a medical certificate for instance here.

Theory lessons are always at the driving school on Wednesdays at 16.30 and Fridays at 08.00 (not summertime). The Introduction Lecture to start the course is every second Monday at 17.00. Subjects of the lessons are numbered from 1 to 19. The first lecture nr. 1 takes 45 minutes, but the other normal lessons are 3 x 45 min. You do not need to make any reservations in advance but make sure that you write down your name in clear handwriting on the theory attendance list whenever you attend a class. In which order you do the class is not important.

Timetable of theorylessons Jan-Feb.Mar

Timetable of theorylessons Apr-May-Jun

The appointments for Practical Driving lessons are organised individually with you. The office will help you to reserve the appointments, and you can also make reservations directly with your teacher. The lesson starts and ends normally at the driving school. We would appreciate that you make the reservations so that you are able to come to your lesson. However, if you need to cancel a lesson, please contact us by telephone and as early as possible, at least before 12 o’clock on the previous workday. If you do not attend the lesson without cancelling it, you will be charged 50 €/lesson.

Sometimes the minimum amount of driving lessons is not enough for some people. We try to inform you about your skills in a realistic way, and occasionally this means that you might need to take extra driving lessons. Extra driving lessons may be demanded by the driving inspector, if you don't pass the practical driving test. The price for extra driving lessons is 80 € / lesson and to use the car in a new test is 100 €.

We hope you will be a part of our driving success!

Register your details to course from here.

Holding a licence outside of European Union (EU) ?

If you already have a driving license from another than EU country, you might also want to get a Finnish License. Contact our office for further information.

Contact information and locations for your local Police in the Metropolitan area

  • Helsinki new address is Pasilanraitio 11 00240 Helsinki, phone 0295 417 911, Mon - Fri 9 - 11. Map.
  • Espoo Nihtisillankuja 4 02630 Espoo, time reservation phone 0295 413 160, Mon - Fri 8 - 4. Espoo permisson instructions Tue - Thu 9 - 11 am and 1 - 3 pm, phone 071 8738 567. Map.
  • Vantaa Kielotie 15 01300 Vantaa, phone 0295 413613, 09 273 2048, Mon - Fri 9 am to 3 pm. Map.

Time reservation for police licence services: https://asiointi.poliisi.fi/ajanvaraus/reservations.

Want to have some practice with a car and Finnish Teacher in Helsinki local traffics?

If you already have a Driving licence, but are a bit unsure in driving in Helsinki area, we can help you in rehearsing locally. Come to the school, take your valid Driving license with you and we can book the 1st rehearsal time with teacher ( typically 50 minutes ).